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CoachMe Health is now Verano Health

Changing our name, announcing our progress, and building our vision.

August 27, 2021

CoachMe Health is now Verano Health

When I launched CoachMe Health as a Stanford Social Innovation Fellow, I could not have been more excited to take the journey to improve health disparities for underserved Americans.

Within a month of launching, we partnered with a free clinic, Samaritan House, to offer a digital diabetes coaching program. We will never forget the first patients we served. We met Gloria*, who had watched family members lose limbs to diabetes, and was terrified of the same thing happening to her. We helped Bruno* learn how to measure his sugars to understand his condition. We supported Leslie* as COVID-19 started to deal with the stress of losing her job and fearing the worst.

Today, our team is excited to bring everything we’ve done at CoachMe Health to our new name, Verano Health. We’re on the brink of launching our first partnerships with Medicaid and wrapping up Y Combinator. Our tech-enabled prevention program, Healthy at Home, delivers telehealth diabetes self-management education and medical nutrition therapy. Healthy at Home combines the coaching that inspired CoachMe with health education, daily tracking, and mental health support.

Verano Health continues to hold the same mission to advance health equity and reduce the health disparities faced by underserved Americans. We continue to help our patients make small daily changes that lead to longer, healthier lives.

When we ask patients what they appreciate most from our program, they mention the encouragement and connection. Verano is Spanish for "summer", representing the Spanish language focus that’s been essential to our work from the start. Verano Health represents the hope that we want to offer every patient. At its core, Verano Health represents our embrace of putting patient needs first.

We invite you to join us on the journey. Thank you for your support of Verano Health to be there for patients who need it the most.

*names are changed

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